Cochinita Pibil

Cerdo en Pipián

Pollo en Recado Negro

Celebratated recipe from the Yucatan Peninsula

which is also part of the gastronomy

of the Tabasco region served with

Couscous and guacamole.

The pipian is the product of the mixture of:

Cinnamon, pumpkin seed,

guajillo chile, ancho chile, garlic,

Served with atol and guacamole.

A recipe with smoked, strong

and spicy flavor. The black color is due to the chile

that is toasted until it is burned. Served with rice and guacamole.


Pollo en Salsa Xkatik

A delicate Yucatecan recipe

with a creamy sauce, based on the chile

xkatik, with mild flavor and just a bit spicy.

Served with red rice and guacamole.

K’ak’ Ik

Typical flavor of the Mayan cuisine.

Its name reveals its ingredients

K'ak '"fire" Ik "chile", being it

a spice beef dish.  It is served with rice and guacamole.

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